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How should I measure?  How much will my interior shutters cost?  Here are some guidelines to get started... 

Typical Inside Mount - If there is a flat surface area on the inside of the casing that is at least as deep as the shutter thickness, you may hinge the shutters to the inside of the window casing.
Using Mounting Strips - Some window are too shallow for hinging a shutter directly to the casing.  Mounting strips are often attached to the inside of the casing, or on the face of the casing, which creates an area on which to hinge the shutters.  Use a strip that creates an area at least the thickness of the shutter you are installing.
Window Depth - If using moveable louvers, check there is enough window depth for the louvers to open fully without hitting the glass or the window framing when opened.
Measuring Guidelines for Inside Mount - Measure the tight opening shutters will fill when closed (inside the casing or mounting strips).
- Subtract 1/4" from the window width for hinge clearance.  Divide the adjusted window width by the number of individual shutters across to establish each shutter width.
Height - Subtract 1/4" clearance from the window height to get your shutter height.  If you are only covering the bottom half of the window, measure from the bottom of the opening (top of the sill) to the desired height, allowing 1/8" clearance under the bottom of the shutter.
If using upper and lower rows of shutters, consider subtracting 3/8" from the height to allow 1/8" at the top, 1/8" at the bottom, and 1/8" between upper and lower rows for smooth independent operation of each row.
These are guidelines only.  Each project should be carefully considered to confirm final measurements.


Moveable Louver Shutters - 1 1/16" thick with louver choices - 1 7/8", 2 1/2", or 3 1/2" wide (basswood, red oak, or mahogany)
Moveable Louver Shutters - 3/4" thick with 1 1/4" louvers - (basswood or red oak)
Interior Fixed Louvers - 1 3/8" thick with louver choices - 1 7/8", 2 1/2, 3 1/2, or European Louvers (beveled edges)

Standard Interior Raised Panels
- 1 1/8" thick with panels raised on both sides (basswood, red oak, or mahogany)
Colonial Interior Raised Panels
- 3/4" thick with panels raised on both sides (basswood)

All types are available "with" or "without" horizontal center divider rail... (upper and lower louvered or panel sections)
1. Select shutter type
2. Enter the number of "windows/openings" in each size
3. Enter the tight inside width to cover/fill
4. Enter the tight inside height to cover/fill (if shutters are lower half only, give height of shutter)
5. Choose the layout of the shutters
6. Select any custom options needed

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Custom Options

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